Def Leppard Las Vegas Residency to Be Chronicled in Docu-Series (на англ.)

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Def Leppard Las Vegas Residency to Be Chronicled in Docu-Series (на англ.)

Сообщение kosa » 02 май 2014, 13:35

Def Leppard Las Vegas Residency to Be Chronicled in Docu-Series (на англ.)

Joe Elliott and co. are coming to the small screen! ‘Living With Def Leppard,’ a docu-series that chronicles Def Leppard‘s Las Vegas residency from earlier this year, is coming to TV as a multi-episode project from Bunim/Murray Productions. If that name sounds familiar, Bunim/Murray was the original team behind MTV’s ‘Real World.’ They’re teaming with AEG Live and Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas to present the project.

The show will put viewers and fans smack dab in the middle of Def Leppard’s world, capturing the ‘VIVA Hysteria!’ residency shows, which took place at the Hard Rock’s The Joint in March. The series follows the band both on stage and off as they camp out in Vegas for the residency.

The press released claimed that “viewers will witness the band’s camaraderie and spirit, which have kept them together for 35 years despite many challenges and temptations.” Sounds like all the behind-the-velvet rope and backstage stuff fans want to see.

Performances were filmed, as were documentary-style moments from the band’s point of view. It is said that it will show a side of Def Leppard and its members that we have not previously seen. Fans are also incorporated into the mix, as they were interviewed about why they revere the group!

Air dates and a network on which the show would air have not been revealed, but this docu-series has the potential to develop into a signature series showcasing other bands through a similar storytelling format and technique. It could be a new genre of TV custom-designed for rock fans, according to the people behind it.

“The bands performing at Hard Rocket Hotel boast a huge following with dedicated fans, and it’s appropriate that we’re kicking off this series with Def Leppard, a band that boasts a long list of songs that continue to resonate with multiple generations of fans,” said Jonathan Murray, Chairman of Bunim/Murray Productions. “By taking viewers inside the performance we will capture the music and the personal stories of the band members, juxtaposed with the memories of their devoted followers. By bringing together these bands, AEG and Hard Rock Hotel, we’ve built a team that will deliver music documentary at its best.”
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