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отет с концерта Def Leppard, Heart - Darien Lake PAC, Darien, NY - Aug 21, 2011 (на англ.)

 Заголовок сообщения: отет с концерта Def Leppard, Heart - Darien Lake PAC, Darien, NY - Aug 21, 2011 (на англ.)
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отчет с концерта Def Leppard, Heart - Darien Lake PAC, Darien, NY - Aug 21, 2011 (на англ.)

Darien, NY - The Queens of 70's Rock (Heart) and the Kings of 80's British Pop Metal (Def Leppard) brought their Rock 'n' Roll royalty to the Darien Lake PAC on a very rainy Sunday evening. The weather was fitting, as there was electricity in the air, as fans of both bands anticipated a great showing from both legendary acts.

Usually when I write a concert review, I'll reflect upon the show, the songs, and the performance by the band(s) and just give my own take on what I experienced. However, for this show, I was interested in what other attendees, and in particular, what diehard fans of these bands, thought of this show (and tour). While being an admitted 'casual' fan of both artists (listening to Heart since I was a child, and following Def Leppard as a teen - when they broke it big in the early 80's), I was personally satisfied with the set lists both groups performed. In fact, it was one of my favorite shows that I've seen all summer. However, it seems my opinion does not seem to be shared by many of the diehard fans, who follow each band, tour after tour, night after night. Diehard fans of both, Def Leppard and Heart, have voiced their disapproval of their song choices as of late, stating that they feel somewhat cheated, especially considering the high costs of tickets one must pay, to see your favorite band in concert these days.

For Heart, the fact that they play 3 cover songs in a 12 song opening set, seems superfluous for many of their rabid fans. Considering they play more songs by other artists than they do from their latest CD, "Red Velvet Car" (they only perform the one song, ironically called "WTF"), seems to be taken as a slap in the face to their long time followers. Personally, I love seeing them doing the Who cover, "Love, Reign o'er Me" (again, very fitting with the night's weather), as it seems to be a staple in their current set lists, complete with lead vocalist, Anne Wilson's, 'home run' high note at the end of the song, but I could do without the two Zeppelin songs myself. Aside from playing too many covers, the Wilson sisters made sure their most notable classics were performed, along with revamped versions of their 80's hits, "What About Love," "These Dreams" and "Alone." The band was extremely tight, which would not have been possible without the extraordinary skills of drummer, Ben Smith, creating a rock solid foundation. In what some describe as a 'nameless/faceless' backup band, Ben and guitarist, Craig Bartok's talents really shine, and make Heart a 'band,' not just the Wilson sisters, along with 'so and so.'

In Def Leppard's case, the fan revolt went as far as someone e-mailing singer Joe Elliott, and accusing him and his band of being a 'fraud' because of their repetitive and stagnate set list (which aside from the opener,"Undefeated," one of the 3 new songs from their otherwise live CD, "Mirrorball," is almost identical to their last tour's set list). Although not using it as an excuse, Joe defended the band's lack of set "experiments" due to the recent passing of his father. I think Joe's explanation is more than reasonable, and the fact that the band continued with the tour, with only a handful of reschedules, as opposed to canceling the tour (which would have been understood), is highly commendable. In fact, I feel Joe's personal way of dealing with his loss, and his 'on with the show' attitude, has fueled a fire in his recent performances, displaying a level of confidence and swagger that I haven't seen from him in quite awhile. The rest of the band came across equally as inspired, and played their set of greatest hits, like they were playing them for the very first time.

It's always a tough situation for bands, when dealing with catering to, their diehard audience, versus the majority - who are simply general concert goers. I think playing mostly hits, with a rotating set of b-side material should suffice, but who am I to say? Some people want to hear the most obscure deep cuts played live, while others only want to hear 'what they know.' Bands know they can't please everyone, but for Def Leppard and Heart, both who have been around for 30+ years, know they have been doing something right, and will continue to garner attention from their fans for years to come, whether it good or bad.

Def Leppard setlist
Let's Get Rocked
Love Bites
Bass Solo
Rock On
Two Steps Behind
Bringin' on the Heartbreak
Switch 625
Armageddon It
Pour Some Sugar on Me
Rock of Ages

Heart setlist
Rock and Roll
Magic Man
Straight On
What About Love
These Dreams
Crazy On You
The Battle of Evermore
Love, Reign O'er Me

Ничто не вызывает с такой силой прошлого, как музыка; она достигает большего: когда она вызывает его, кажется, будто оно само проходит перед нами, окутанное, подобно теням тех, кто дорог нам, таинственным и печальным покровом.

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