Richard Savage

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Richard Savage

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Birthdate: December 2, 1960
Birthplace: Sheffield, UK
Parents: Ken and Sally Savage
Siblings: Two older brothers - Brian (a doctor) and John (a chef).
Marital Status: Married to Paige
Children: Two sons, Tyler and Scott, with Paige. Paige also has a daughter, Jordan, from a previous relationship.
Currently Resides: Sheffield, UK
Height: 5'11''
Eye Color: Blue
Tattoos: A "P" on his right upper arm

Influences: Queen, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath
Interests: Family, Soccer, Golf
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Book: Stephen King novels
Favorite Show: Lovejoy
Favorite Movie: Once Upon a Time in America
Favorite Drink: Water, at one time it was champaigne
Favorite Food: Indian, Steak and beans on toast

Musical Abilities: Guitar, Bass, keyboard/piano, songwriting, and singing
Previous Jobs: Trainee technician at British Rail

Additional Facts:

*Sav nor his brothers have middle names

*Sav was (and still is) a devoted Sheffield Wednesday fan. A soccer protege, Sav had the chance to play for either Wednesday or Sheffield United. Through advice, Sav chose to play for United because they were the more successful team at the time. Even though United never lost when Sav was on the field, Sav decided to go with music.

*Sav formed "Atomic Mass" with Pete Willis and Frank Noon. After firing their singer, Joe Elliott was hired in his place. When Joe came into the band, the name "Deaf Leopard" came with him and the rest is history.

*In 1993, Sav suffered an attack of Bell's Palsy, a condition that causes the facial muscles to weaken or become paralyzed. Sav has recovered almost completely.

*Sav has previously said that he does not believe in reincarnation.

*Sav can be quite shy around people he doesn't know.
Action, action, gimme action not words
Let the camera roll
Action, action, action not words
I need a little